Wednesday, August 3, 2016

ONE OK ROCK - Always Coming Back

I’m always coming back to you
Some nights we fight we scream
We don’t know what to do
But I guess it’s just the simple things
That people they go through
But another night the glimpse I see
The real one and that’s you
And I know that nothing will stop me from standing up, I can

I’m always coming back to you
you’ve got me till the end
I’m always coming back to you
You keep pulling me here
I’m always coming back

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ONE OK ROCK - The Way Back

I am still broken in two parts
There is my mind there is my heart
Nowhere for me to run and hide

You only live to serve yourself
Come crawling back when you need help
After you burn there's no one else

You know the way back
You just crash right into me
But it's not so easy now
Oh way back when

Monday, September 21, 2015

ONE OK ROCK - Last Dance

We started out as any other story
Then the words begin to fade away
All your smile used to make me smile
But lately I don’t feel that way
Try to remember what brought us together
And to forget what’s driving us apart
You know we can’t wait here forever
Just making time and going no where

Is this our last dance
Can we take another chance
To be alone together still
Are we wasting time chasing dreams
Not yours or mine
Care for you
I always will

Thursday, February 12, 2015

ONE OK ROCK - Fight the night

Here comes the rain
So many scars never fade
This is the price of war
And we've paid with time

We'll fight fight till there's nothing left to say (Whatever it takes)
Fight fight till your fears they go away
The light is gone and we know once more
We'll fight fight till we see another day

Let's move along, it's late
The sun will rise once again
This field is lined with the brave
Souls in relief

ONE OK ROCK - Stuck in the middle

What we finally found wasn't what we wanted
Wish I could have gone to where we started

Back to black I can't see what's around me
Back to black hope to gain some control

I gave up everything

I tried to have it all
And I'm stuck in the middle
I couldn't have it all now I'm alone
And I've been down and out
Now I'm stuck in the middle
I'll never get to say this is enough